Why are Titanium Wedding Bands So Popular Now


Why are Titanium Wedding Bands So Popular Now

Titanium wedding bands last a lifetime and offer a plenty of contemporary flair as well. They are crafted from Titanium, which is the 7th most abundant metal on earth and has been found on some meteorites as well. Titanium is light white or gray in color and has a very high strength-to-weight ratio, which means it is incredibly strong despite being light in weight. So a titanium wedding band feels very light, and you’ll hardly ever feel it on your finger.

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Destination Wedding Left-Overs

catering1Catering a destination wedding is not easy! One of the issues that most caterers have to deal with on a regular wedding at destination weddings, such as in the Caribbean, is the demand for leftovers once the wedding party ends.

Here’s a fact, unless you’ve brought the food and drinks yourself to the reception, you are not allowed to keep the leftovers at the end of the event. This may sound like an obvious statement to make, but caterers spend a lot of time explaining this to guests, almost at every reception. Many guests are terribly confused about this very simple rule.

It’s really hard for caterers to explain the basics of how catering works to guests, who are often agitated at not getting what they believe to belong to them. The fact is caterers ALWAYS being more to a wedding than what is really needed, because it is written in the contract signed by them that they should be prepared to satisfy each and every guest during the reception.

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Epic Wedding Proposal

Epic Wedding Proposal

This is by far the cheesiest wedding proposal but it is absolutely epic. Jack Hyer had his first date with his now wife and instantly knew he was going to marry her. He sepnt the next 4 years traveling the world and composing this epic video.

Looking for an Ideal Wedding Location? Tips to Pick the Right One!


Shortlisting a wedding venue depends on multiple factors and this short guide helps determine what type of wedding you are looking at, so you can choose a suitable venue.


First would be the Geographical location or destination of your wedding. As much as you would like a hot air balloon or an island wedding, you must consider transportation, boarding and other amenities including food for your guests. Access to basic amenities and being able to commute easily is very important. Your budget is also an important factor when you are shortlisting a location or destination. Come to Florida for a destination wedding in the fall. Click Herewedding cabin

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